Monday, April 1, 2013

April is for Diamonds!

Older cut Diamonds are just plain Beautiful, but certainly they are anything but "Plain"  I am probably repeating myself.  However, this is what I do!  Specializing in what I love.  Here are some wonderful examples:  Two Old Mine Cut Diamond rings and one really fabulous example of an Old Euro!

.85 Carat Mine Cut by "Camellia Collection"on Etsy

1.83 Carat! Old Euro Cut Courtesy "Isadora's"

Circa 1930 .75 Carat Mine Cut Diamond in a Gorgeous Deco Setting. If I could have a ring "back" for
Myself this would be the one.  Mine Cut, Deco, Platinum.  I think Mine Cuts are my favorite!
Well.... That Old Euro up above isn't too bad either.

Check out CamelliaCollection on Etsy.  The month of April, I am offering Free Shipping and Sizing on all Diamond Rings.


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