Thursday, April 29, 2010

New Listing on Etsy

I listed this beautiful Circa 1920 engagement ring this morning. I adore the platinum setting and I love the color of the diamond.

Choosing a diamond based on the 4 "C's" is very important to know so that one understands the grading of diamonds or other precious stones.

However, I believe the standard of beauty that is marketed tells us to CHOOSE a particular diamond based on a standard, that being a colorless and somewhat flawless diamond. Yes, these diamonds have their own beauty, but so does a diamond that was chosen for its color and was cut to enhance the characteristics of that stone. Which is what one will discover when looking at antique rings.

With the older diamond cuts like this ring, which is an Old European cut diamond... There is mastery to be able to cut a diamond to bring out its best qualities, taking in to account the color and clarity. Many gemologists consider the cut of a diamond to be its most important characteristic. The cut determines how light is reflected within the diamond and how brilliant it will be. In other words a diamond with a poor cut will appear dull, even if it has the perfect color and clarity.

Diamonds are of the earth. Each unique and beautiful. Find the one that you love.

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