Sunday, February 21, 2010


A lot going on!

Well, I’ve been a little late in blogging. I was moving to a different home. After almost 10 years in my previous home it certainly has been an adjustment, but I’m so glad to be here. Moving from a 1911 Arts & Crafts bungalow to a 1972 home with modern lines is exciting. I loved my bungalow, but it was time to move on.

The shag carpet will go for sure, but the house is pretty much a blank slate and I am excited to decorate. Which will have to wait until the new floors and interior painting is done. It will be quite a transformation to be sure.

Back to business, blogging, and jewelry, wedding dresses and other beautiful design forms.

On my Etsy site as well as on my blog, I am going to be presenting a different types of photos of my jewelry. I’d like to present my jewelry in a very straightforward photographic sense. I will still have some “display” / artistic photos, but you will see more utilitarian photos for customers to really study and appreciate ring design.

So here’s two photos of incredible diamond and platinum antique rings from the Edwardian Era. I especially love the Old Mine Cut diamond. Quite a picture of beauty they are.

The “Sophie” wedding dress was featured in the Spring Addition of Oregon Bride 2010. Thank you Oregon Bride! You are wonderful to work with too. Thanks Heather!

Enjoy looking.

Edwardian platinum and Diamond Ring

Edwardian Platinum Filigree Ring with Old Mine Cut Diamond

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