Sunday, August 14, 2016

Caring For Your Engagement Ring

This post provides information and tips on caring for your vintage or contemporary engagement ring. Or, for any special ring you may love to wear.

1.  Insure your ring.  It is simple to add a ring to an insurance policy

2.  Clean your ring to keep it sparkling.  Warm water and mild liquid soap and a soft brush works very well.

3.  Remove your ring when you are engaging in sports, manual labor or working with chemicals.  Keep it in a safe, designated place at home.  It may be tempting at times, but don't remove your ring in public or leave it where it could easily be misplaced.

4. Maintain your beautiful ring.  It is recommended that you take it to a reputable jeweler every 6 months to check the mounting and the prongs.  If you have an Antique ring, I recommend using a jeweler who specializes in Antique Jewelry.

I hope you adore your ring!  I think these tips will keep your ring looking beautiful and keep it safe for years to come!

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