Sunday, July 24, 2016

What inspires you in the world of Vintage and Antique Jewelry?

What inspires you?

Nature, a favorite work of art, a person you know or have read about?

I'm inspired by all of the above and more.  I find that Antique Jewelry inspires me because each piece is unique.  And from that aspect it inspires me to think how I will photograph and describe it for my website.  When it is a piece for myself, I do like to imagine what clothes might be best to wear with that chosen piece.

Here are a few pieces that inspire me and yet they might surprise you.  While I can always be inspired by a large Old European Cut Diamond and sparkling gemstones,  I find that there are a lot of pieces that are truly inspiring beyond the sparkle.

Circa 1940 Sterling Silver Handmade Mexican Bracelet.  This inspires me by its dome shape in the link design.
  Silver bracelets like this remind me of the Southwest

Mid-Twentieth Century Crucifix. This modern design made me think straight away of the many churches in the 1960's with their modern architecture and very mod, colorful stained glass windows

This Group of rings shows my favoritism for bold rings, color and above all, my love for all eras!

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