Monday, July 23, 2012

Finding Unique Pieces

While I love many different Eras of Vintage and Antique Jewelry, I like to acquire pieces that are unique. There are indeed, similar design themes observed when hunting and collecting for vintage jewelry.  So, I very much like to look for pieces that I love and that aren't the typical design you would see from an certain Era, Culture or particular designer.

Here is a Native American Agate Ring.  I had in my mind to look for a large, unique cabochon Turquoise ring.  I like larger, bold designs.  While there were many Turquoise rings with good design there wasn't anything that really "popped" for me.  Then I saw this ring and I was really "Taken" so to speak.

I believe it is pre-1950's and could be as early as the 20's or 30's and Navajo.  Will have to do a bit more research for sure.

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I really love vintage. your blog is so inspiration.

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