Thursday, June 18, 2009

Why Camellia Loves Antique Jewelry

I wanted let people know Why I love Antique Jewelry. I'd have to say, beauty and craftsmanship is foremost, but there are so many other reasons to adore it.

With the recent state of the economy, our decision to make a serious purchase such as an engagment ring or add to a collection, is an important financial decision as well. Understanding What makes Antique Jewelry an important investment is paramount.

I've written a small piece with the collaboration of other colleagues that is part devotional, but it's main goal is to be informative.

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Why Camellia loves Antique Jewelry

The beauty in antique diamonds are quite unlike and unsurpassed by modern day cut diamonds. Antique diamonds have a sparkle not realized in today’s stones. They weren’t cut with standard formulations, but each stone was studied for its potential destiny in beauty…. to reflect candlelight and soft, natural light in a way that is captivating beyond words. It took hand attention to detail to achieve the delicacy of a filigree setting or the raw beauty of an antique rose cut diamond.

Amazing too are the settings, from the swirls of Victorian design to the linear and architectural settings at the height of the Art Deco period, settings were crafted in exceptional detail by an artist’s hand and tools.

This is the reason many reproduction pieces do not look or appraise like jewelry of the past.

And finally in our written devotion, purchasing antique jewelry is a way to preserve the past and the future. It allows you to avoid not only conflict diamonds and gemstones, but to cease contributing to the mining of precious metals that is known to have a devastating effect on the environment.

Please join us in celebrating a most beautiful art form: Antique Jewelry

I've added some photos below:

Just some of the beautiful rings that now have a home with our customers

Circa 1915 Diamond and Platinum Engagment Ring

Circa 1960's Sapphire & Diamond Engagment Ring set in 18kt White gold

Circa 1920's Sapphire and Diamond ring set in 14kt white gold

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Jay said...

I agree with that, the beauty in antique diamonds are quite unlike and unsurpassed by modern day cut diamonds.
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